KIEF Modils Photography Workshop

On 5 May, KIEF Modils and JDS Media Solutions hosted a charity workshop at Rockabilly’s Pool Lounge. Proceeds from this day went to Highveld Horse Care Unit.

Wardrobe was provided by WabiSabi and the lady who is behind the brand also modelled on the day.

You can see my Flickr album here and my Facebook album here.

After some demonstrations and information by JDS Media Solutions, the photographers were split into groups that would have a photo session with a model and then switch to another model after a set time.

The first model the group I was split into worked with was Kimmy Fae Chaye, who is always a pleasure to work with.

Kimmy Fae Chaye

Kimmy Fae Chaye


Simone from Wabisabi modelled her MIA bodysuit and MIA set.

This photo was taken outside in natural light and I really like how it came out, even though I’m not as comfortable with natural light as with a flash.


I have also never taken photos of a model in lingerie, so this was all new ground to me.



The next model is one I was really looking forward to photograph because I love her look.




The last KIEF Modil for the day was Yamiyo Hex. Just look at those gorgeous eyes 😀

Yamiyo Hex

Yamiyo Hex

Backpiece (in progress) by Dakota Lee.


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