I began writing this last year after we got back from honeymoon and then kind of forgot all about it until now. I’m pretty bad at logging regularly, but that’s ok. It means that I don’t flood people with dull stuff (I hope).

For our honeymoon we stayed at Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge and tried to see as many of the surrounding attractions as we could. The waterfalls in the area were on the top of the list.

The first waterfall we went to was Bridal Veil Falls, which is quite a fitting name, as the wispy waterfall moves with the wind. The falls are 146m high. I must say, I was surprised to read this, because the waterfall doesn’t seem that high when you’re there.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

The area around the falls is beautiful as well, with ferns, interesting rock formations and wild fig trees.

Bridal Veil Falls

Next, we went to Lone Creek Falls, which is 70m high, but feel much bigger, probably because of the volume of water. The walkway to the falls holds its own charm, with various plants and mosses. You would also hear and see birds as you walk.

Lone Creek Falls

Lone Creek Falls

Next on the route was Horseshoe Falls that are 10m high. The vantage point for these falls isn’t as nice and clear as the other falls’ vantage points.

Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls

The next waterfall is the Mac Mac Falls, a 65m high waterfall in the Mac Mac River. The vantage point is quite far away and from above, which make the falls look very impressive.

Mac Mac Falls

On the next day we went to a smaller waterfall we missed, the Maria Shires Falls. The falls were named after the mother of Joseph Brooke Shires Jnr, who was influential in the forestry industry in the 1800’s. Her grave is close by on a short trail.

Maria Shires Falls

Maria Shire’s grave is the one on the left. The grave on the right is that of William Bowman “who died at Mac Mac Transvaal.” Possibly the Bill Bowman who ran an eatery in Pilgrim’s Rest?


There were many ladybugs on the wall surrounding the two graves.


The day after we visited Maria Shires Falls, we went north of Graskop to Lisbon and Berlin Falls.

Lisbon Falls are 92m high. There are the main falls, but also some small rapids to the side, which are also beautiful.

Lisbon Falls

Lisbon Falls

There was a birdie that was very interested in us.

Next is the Berlin Falls, at 80m.

Berlin Falls

These waterfalls are beautiful and I would recommend anyone to visit them.

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KIEF Modils Photography Workshop

On 5 May, KIEF Modils and JDS Media Solutions hosted a charity workshop at Rockabilly’s Pool Lounge. Proceeds from this day went to Highveld Horse Care Unit.

Wardrobe was provided by WabiSabi and the lady who is behind the brand also modelled on the day.

You can see my Flickr album here and my Facebook album here.

After some demonstrations and information by JDS Media Solutions, the photographers were split into groups that would have a photo session with a model and then switch to another model after a set time.

The first model the group I was split into worked with was Kimmy Fae Chaye, who is always a pleasure to work with.

Kimmy Fae Chaye

Kimmy Fae Chaye


Simone from Wabisabi modelled her MIA bodysuit and MIA set.

This photo was taken outside in natural light and I really like how it came out, even though I’m not as comfortable with natural light as with a flash.


I have also never taken photos of a model in lingerie, so this was all new ground to me.



The next model is one I was really looking forward to photograph because I love her look.




The last KIEF Modil for the day was Yamiyo Hex. Just look at those gorgeous eyes 😀

Yamiyo Hex

Yamiyo Hex

Backpiece (in progress) by Dakota Lee.


RMP Open Day at Shoot You Photographical Services

The April Rate My Photo Open Day was held at Shoot You Photographical Services. They have a garden with a pool, a tennis court, and a koi pond outside. Inside is a studio space and two bedrooms for photos.

I attended as photographer and then modelled one look for B&H Media Solutions.

Complete album of the day can be found on my Flickr and Facebook.

The first model I photographed was Sanmarie. Her makeup was done by The Makeup Effect Benoni.



I also photographed Tanisha Mostert in a Darth Vader inspired athleisure shirt. Tanisha’s makeup was done by De Bouchet’s.



KimiCloud had her cat face paint done by De Bouchet’s. She is always a fun model to work with.




My last model for the day was Keryn Ehlers, who braved a cold swimming pool.

IMG_7297_DxO c FB



The look I modelled for B&H Media Solutions was really cool. You can find their album here. I have a cream coloured vintage medical corset which I wore with a lace skirt and a strappy top. The top is a cheap one I bought at Jet because the look involved fake blood.

Here is a selfie I took of the outfit:


Fantasy Shoot with Temptress Phoenix

Earlier this year I did my first shoot with Temptress Phoenix. We decided on a fantasy theme at the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens.

Model & MUA: Temptress Phoenix

Hair by Charissa van der Ree, Color Girls Hair, Nails and Beauty Spa

Horns: SIN BIN

Circlet: La’ila Designs

Harness & Sleeves: Wabisabi

IMG_5282_DxO c

I used a vape to make some smoke and it worked better than expected. I just coughed a few times since I’m not used to vaping. I did have to add some more smoke in Photoshop.

IMG_5315_DxO c

IMG_5384_DxO c

IMG_5386_DxO c

Unfortunately my flash transmitter/receiver decided to die after these photos, so we had to continue with natural light after that.

IMG_5411_DxO c



RMP Open Day at The B-Spot (Joziburg)

I am going to be doing blog posts about what I’m getting up to when it comes to my photography hobby.  This will be the first of its kind.

On 4 March 2018, Rate My Photo held a photography open day at The B-Spot in the Joziburg building. We had delicious craft beer and burgers for lunch. On these kind of open days, one gets to meet other photographers, models, and makeup artists. I usually don’t make many bookings and prefer to do impromptu shoots throughout the day instead.

On this day I had one booking with a model and also modelled one look myself for a change. I had also received my new neutral density filters and flash gels through the post the previous week and got to experiment with my new toys.

Here are some shots of the venue:





The full album in better resolution can be found on my Facebook page or my Flickr stream.

I took a few shots of model Gillian with my new neutral density filters and I was really impressed with the result. The filters really softened the harsh sunlight.

IMG_6183_DxO c

IMG_6196_DxO c

The one model who I organised a booking with was Creshimer Mxotshwa, who I have worked with before. We planned a goth look for her. Joziburg has some really cool graffiti which makes for great portrait backgrounds. In the second photo I used the turquoise flash gel and I love how it came out.


IMG_6235_DxO c

IMG_6245_DxO c

I am also very happy with how these photos of Carina came out. I combined natural light from the window with my diy softbox and flash.

IMG_6337_DxO c

IMG_6347_DxO c

Another model I took photos of is makeup artist Kayla Morris from Kayla Morris Makeup Artistry. I especially wanted to get the golden warm light of the filament bulbs and she was the perfect model for the setting.

IMG_6374_DxO c

IMG_6386_DxO c

At the end of the day I modelled one look and was photographed by Sven from ST Photography. Laser-cut bat necklace is from La’ila Designs. See ST Photography’s full album of the day here.

Rmp Open Day B Spot

Rmp Open Day B Spot

Rmp Open Day B Spot

All Images by Sven and Taryn Photography

All Images by Sven and Taryn Photography

That’s it for now, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the photos.