Doom Metal Problems

I made this 🙂

I was inspired by JustJossie‘s post “Folk Metal Problems” to make one about one of my favourite subgenres: Doom Metal.

  1. Trying to explain doom metal to someone. It’s really heavy, but usually also very slow, compared to most types of metal. Mr. Doomburg put it eloquently: doom is metal largo. It’s heavy in the sense of how some classical music is heavy.
  2. No, it’s not boring.
  3. The tempo is slow, the melodies are melancholic, lyrics are depressing (mostly), but it’s not emo and it can be soothing, beautiful, and powerful.
  4. Good luck finding a band shirt! (Well, one that you can afford, shipping included.) 
  5. You want to play someone one of your favourite songs, but it’s 15-20 minutes long with a 10 minute build-up. Exhibit A (well, in this case a 4 minute intro): 
  6. Trying to explain the differences between the sub-subgenres, e.g. funeral doom, sludge doom, atmospheric doom, etc. Here’s a tongue-n-cheek guide: 
  7. Finding other people who are also into doom. 
  8. Getting carried away and wanting to play all the doom at once to someone.

…which brings me to… Some of my favourite doom metal songs/bands:

Ahab, funeral doom band with lyrics inspired by Moby Dick by Herman Mellville.

My Dying Bride, death/gothic doom. This was the band that got me into doom.

Candlemass, epic doom.

Swallow the Sun, death doom.

Shape of Despair, funeral doom.

Bell Witch, funeral/sludge doom with only vocals, drums, and bass.

While Heaven Wept, epic doom.

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